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for Cross-Border E-commerce
We enhanced our operations by relieving you of the worries associated with shipping in and out of China from Southeast Asia.
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1BYTE 百特运 is a cross-border digital platform that connects merchants with logistics solutions by integrating the resources of various shipping companies
between China and Southeast Asia.
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All types of operations for stress free shipping and storage.
We will be on time. If not — we'll give a discount.
There were many successful orders shipped for last year.
We supply a wide range of packaging materials for professional shipping.
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Bulk Discount
From SGD 4.99/Shipment*
Shipping Services
China Inbound & Outbound
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Storage Solutions
From SGD 6.99 /per item/day*
We organize bulk shipment from China to Singapore
We offer: Bulk discounted price through creative solutions, repackaging and consolidation arrangements in ShenZhen and GuangZhou's warehouses to reduce unnecessary packaging space that would increase your total costs.

*Pricing is calculated based on dimensions, weight, content of parcel and distance from ShenZhen or GuangZhou
We'll help to ship via air, land and sea
We offer: 2 shipments to Singapore in a month.

Air - Small, Light, Non-sensitive goods (Fast 3x)
Sea - Big, Heavy, Sensitive goods (Fast 2x)
Land - Competitive Pricing + Speed (All)

Choice to pick up at our Singapore integrated warehouse or domestics delivery options at subsidized rates
Storage services for big and small volumes
We offer: Packing, delivering and storing services. Door to door services included. Our Singapore warehouse provide secure storage and space. Combination of orders to save on total costs.

*Pricing is calculated based on dimensions
*Due to COVID-19, Coronavirus advisory information. Please contact us before placing any orders
Additional Services
Special Case
Urgent Parcel Transportation
SGD 3.99 / Km
Min 30 mins
A Cross-Border Concierge to Your Place
SGD 24.99 / Hour
1Byte Consolidated Shipping
Together we save more 🚢✈️🚚
We work hard everyday to make your cross-border experience seamless.
Apply to participate in our consolidated shipping platform. We centralise the shipment process so that we could help you reduce shipping fees and provide integrated end-to-end delivery.
Origin and Destination
Content of parcel
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